How do I know if my water meter is being read?2016-11-18T10:05:18-06:00

Compare the reading on your water bill to the actual meter by opening the flip top lid and reading the first four digits.


Where do I obtain a garage sale permit?2016-11-18T10:05:18-06:00

Garage sale permits can be obtained at City Hall in the Planning Department, residents must provide proof of residence (utility bill, ID, etc), only 4 permits per calendar year per address with a 90 day gap (NOT per person), and cost is $10.00.

What can I do about someone breaking a city ordinance like weedy lots, 18 wheeler semi-trucks parked in my street and junked cars?2019-01-18T17:10:43-06:00

You can call the Planning Dept, report any issues and/or complaints with Code Enforcement, and remain anonymous.  You may also report a concern on our website.  Click here to be redirected to the appropriate link.

What do I do if I want to request for public information?2019-01-18T17:08:44-06:00

You may obtain a public information request form at City Hall located at 709 S. Nebraska, or you can visit the following link and download the form: Public Information Request Form

Who do I call for animal pick-up?2015-12-31T15:54:45-06:00

You may contact the Animal Control Department at (956) 223-2220 or voicemail (956) 223-2471, for pick-up, disposal, or report of loose animals.

Where can I pay my traffic ticket?2018-06-13T16:55:30-05:00

Traffic tickets may be paid at the San Juan Municipal Court located at 2301 N. Raul Longoria Rd., San Juan, TX, or you can pay online.  Click here to be redirected to the appropriate link.  For more information please call (956) 223-2460.

Where can I pay my water bill?2018-06-13T16:56:30-05:00

You can pay your water bill at City Hall located at 709 S. Nebraska, San Juan, TX.  You may pay in the front office or the drive through located in the back of City Hall.  The hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM.

You may also opt for automatic draft from your bank account each month.  This may be done by filling out a short form inside City Hall. You can now make a payment, view your account information, and view payment history online. Click here to be redirected to the appropriate link.

Or simply call 844-341-1635 to pay your water bill by phone.

Where can I get a copy of the City Ordinances?2015-04-08T08:43:12-05:00

You can view San Juan city ordinances on our website under the City Charter and City Ordinance page.

What are the requirements to obtain a copy of my Birth Certificate?2016-11-18T10:05:18-06:00
Birth Certificate Requirements:
1. A valid driver license
* For out of state driver license they need to bring Social Security card.
2. Passport
3. Visa
4. Texas Identification (ID)
5. Fee is $23.00 for Long form copy.
 Who is authorized to  acquire a Birth Certificate?
 1.  Self
 2. Mother
 3. Father
 4. Grandparents
Request Birth Certificate By Mail:
1. A request letter of birth certificate with signature. The following are needs to be included:
    a. Birth Name
    b. Birth Date
    c. Name of Father
    d. Name of Mother (maiden last name)
2. Self-addressed stamped envelope (returned address)
3. Money order (not a check) for $23.00.
4. Driver License copy and Social Security card.
5. A contact number to reach you for any questions.
6. Upon completion you can mail to 709 S. Nebraska, San Juan, Texas 78589.