We were blessed to have a beautiful day on Thursday, May 2nd to take a moment to pray and sing in the City of San Juan. Our community was able to come together to reflect on oneself and encourage each other to love one another. We would like to thank all our speakers who took some time to come out and say a prayer for our community. Thank you to Mayor Mario Garza, Mayor Pro-Tem Pete Garcia, Commissioner Jesus “Jesse” Ramirez, Commissioner Ernesto “Neto” Guajardo, Commissioner Leonardo “Lenny” Guajardo, City Manager Benjamin Arjona, Ptr. Elizabeth Palacios, Mrs. Alicia Moya, Dr. Nuno Rodriguez, Fr. Jorge Gomez, Fr. Alfonso Guevara, Ptr. Hector Bowie, Ptr. Roberto Sanchez, Ptr. Jackie Rodriguez, Carlos Alaniz, Ptr. Francisco Rios, San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez, Ptr. Rolando Cruz, Ptr. Felix Chavez, San Juan Parks & Recreation Director Patrick Willingham, Ptr. Juan Nava, Rev. Esmeralda Acosta, Ptr. Melvi Lopez, the San Juan Police Department, the San Juan Fire Departement, and the San Juan Parks & Recreation Department.